Recarburizers – additive and integral part of quality

Indispensable for perfect cast iron and steel products


Our recarburizers are used mainly in grey and ductile castings as well as in cast products with vermicular graphite. But our product range also includes suitable grades for the manufacture of high-carbon steel products or for slag foaming. Electrode graphite, high-quality petcokes, anthracite grades, slag foaming or injection carbon – Richard Anton KG supplies its partners with products of excellent quality in all areas. Grain sizes suited to the customer’s individual furnace size guarantee the best possible dissolution which, in turn, means high efficiency and time savings. Our experienced technicians gladly will advise you. Given the automated production processes in our almost emission- and waste-free plants we are in a position to produce on a continuous basis, 7 days a week.

We distribute our products under the name of “RANCO” known worldwide – it guarantees quality from the Richard Anton company. Deliveries are made according to the customers’ requirements in paper bags, big bags, or in bulk in tipper or silo trucks.

The recarburizers from Richard Anton KG are …

… customized to match the individual requirement

… of high quality

… produced in an environmentally friendly manner