Brakelining Graphites

Graphites and specialty cokes for brake linings

Individually developed for optimum efficiency


The demand for high-quality friction materials has increased continually over the years. In 1980 Richard Anton KG started to specialize in producing high-purity synthetic graphites as well as specialty cokes for friction applications under the brand name RANCO. Since then we have been supplying customized carbon products to the major brake lining manufacturers worldwide. The selection of suitable raw materials of consistently high quality is the first step in the manufacture of a first-class product. We not only have access to prime raw materials, we also have the experience, know-how and modern equipment to crush, mill and screen graphites and cokes to the exact grain-size distribution required by our customers. We are the leading supplier of carbon products for the manufacture of brake linings worldwide and our products can be found in nearly all types of vehicles.

Graphites and cokes distributed by Richard Anton KG …

… stabilize the friction coefficient

… help reduce fading

… damp vibrations

… are easy on the environment