Pig Iron

Pig iron – irreplaceable raw material in the shape of ingots

Part of the modern world


A large sector of modern life could not be imagined without products made of cast iron. Since 1972 Richard Anton KG has been supplying an important raw material for just that: pig iron with specified analysis.

Our far-reaching net of supplier plants (in Brazil and Russia) as well as storage sites (in Germany and neighbouring countries in Europe) assures the supply of a great variety of pig iron grades suitable for all common types of cast iron:
– nodular pig iron for SG iron
– hematite pig iron for LG iron
– basic pig iron for SG iron / cast steel

Our in-house commercial departments and our travelling sales staff together with a well-coordinated logistics team of forwarders and warehouses located at a number of ocean and interior ports all help assure dependable supply chains. Quality as demanded and just-in-time.

By the way, did you know that …

… modern automobiles contain several dozen parts made of cast iron

… wind wheels would not turn without hubs made of cast iron

… washing machines contain some 30 kg of cast iron

… without cast iron no concert piano would sound as it should