Ground graphite – Small in grain size,  large in application

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Lubricants are used in almost every application in our daily life in order to reduce friction on various contact surfaces (metals, plastics) and protect surfaces from wear over their service life.  

From cars and railways to agricultural and construction machinery, through to virtually all industrial sectors such as forging technology, mining and wind power, there are countless applications where lubricants of the most diverse categories are required, including powders, sprays, oils, greases, pastes, coolants and release agents of various compositions.  

Particularly in the case of lubricating greases, additives are added to a selected base grease to give it its desired properties under high pressure loads, different temperature ranges and, often extreme, environmental influences for example. 

High-purity synthetic or natural graphite with the lowest ash content is one of the most commonly used “solid additives”. Its excellent lubricity, adhesiveness and resistance to corrosion, water and temperature protect the contact surfaces perfectly against wear. 

Graphite-containing lubricating greases are primarily suitable as a basic lubricant in open-running large gears for the lubrication of gear wheels, ring gears, racks, chains and sliding surfaces, particularly under heavy loads, high temperature ranges and low to medium friction speeds. 

Richard Anton KG manufactures special synthetic graphites on high-performance grinding plants for the lubricants industry that are sold worldwide. The graphite fineness ranges from 0-2 µm, 0-5 µm, 0-10 µm up to 0-63 µm. 

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