Calcined anthracite


Product information

Anthracite (“bright coal” in Greek) is considered to be the highest quality, naturally occurring coal type with a carbon content of over 90%.

It occurs during what is termed the “coalification process” of plant components in the absence of air and high pressure and is characterised by its exceptional hardness.

Anthracite is mostly used as a fuel because of the high energy content, the hot flame and the virtually residue-free combustion.



Our anthracites are suitable as carburising agents in iron foundries for grey cast iron (EN-GJL), for cast steel (EN-GS) and in steel works.

For use as a carburising agent, anthracite is calcined at approx. 1,400°C and thermally cleaned.


Advantages of Ranco® Products

High carbon content and low levels of volatile components and ash enable efficient carburisation.


Grain Size

Our standard grits are 1-4 and 4-10 mm.

If you are looking for other grain sizes or still have questions about this product, you can contact one of our application engineers directly here.