Mannheim plant

LOCATION Mannheim Industrial Harbour, Baden-Württemberg

DESCRIPTION Fully-automated PLC-controlled production lines with warehouses and shipping connection

ACTIVITY Production of carburising agents in all variations

In 1983 a new factory for processing our carbon products was built on the Friesenheimer Insland in Mannheim harbour. The favourable transport connections facilitate the movement of goods by truck, train and ship. Thanks to the immediate water connection, entire shiploads of raw materials can be unloaded directly into the factory, where processing takes place on crushing, screening and mixing plants. The company was able to purchase neighbouring plots of land gradually and the site was expanded accordingly. This ensured that the proper conditions were in place to supply the growing customer base into the future, whilst guaranteeing the same high quality and quantity just-in-time.


Richard Anton KG

Mühlenstraße 5
68169 Mannheim
Phone +49 (0)89 89 81 44-10


The administrative location Gräfelfing near Munich.


Obernzell plant

The Obernzell plant is located in the Danube valley, about 20 kilometres east of Passau.