RANCO® inoculant


Product information

Long-term inoculant based on a special natural graphite mined for the graphite pre-inoculation of cast iron melts in the production of EN-GJS.



RANCO inoculating carbon is added either to the bottom of the ladle just before tapping the furnace or directly into the pouring stream.

The quantity added is approx. 0.3% RANCO® inoculating carbon per quantity of liquid iron.


Advantages of Ranco® Products

In general, inoculants based on iron monosilicide (FeSi), for example, lose about 50% of their effectiveness in the first 5 minutes of holding time of their melt (known as the “decay effect”).

Graphitic pre-inoculation with RANCO® inoculant is a safe and reliable method of ensuring the effectiveness of your inoculation remains constant over a longer period of approximately 15 minutes using standard inoculants as the decay effect is suppressed. It has a positive effect on the germ balance and nodular graphite formation.

Supercooling during solidification is more controlled and unwanted carbide formation is significantly suppressed.

The tendency to chill is reduced considerably, especially in the case of thin-walled and rapidly cooling cross-sections.

An optimum combination of graphitic pre-treatment with RANCO® inoculating carbon and conventional inoculants results in an improvement in the mechanical and physical properties, such as the tensile strength, elongation, hardness and machinability of the casting.

Significant cost savings can be achieved by reducing rejects and any additional measures such as heat treatment or realloying.


Grain Size

In order to achieve optimum graphitic pre-inoculation, we recommend a grain size of 1-4 mm.

If you are looking for other grain sizes or still have questions about this product, you can contact one of our application engineers directly here.