Obernzell plant

LOCATION Lower Bavaria, east of Passau

DESCRIPTION Fully-automated PLC-controlled production lines with adjoining warehouses

ACTIVITY Refining of synthetic graphites and special cokes

Obernzell is located directly on the Danube, approximately 20 kilometres east of Passau. Synthetic graphites and cokes are refined at the Obernzell plant.
This includes crushing, screening, grinding and pelletizing operations. The systems run fully automatically around the clock seven days a week. The products go to customers all over the world. Productivity has been continuously increased through constant modernisation and expansion. Quality and delivery reliability are the benchmarks by which we measure ourselves every day.


Richard Anton KG

Hammermühlstraße 12
94130 Obernzell
Phone +49 (0)89 89 81 44-10


The administrative location Gräfelfing near Munich.


Mannheim plant

The Mannheim plant of Richard Anton KG is conveniently located on Friesenheimer Island.