Milled graphites


Product information

Graphite is characterised by a number of unique properties in terms of its electrical conductivity, heat resistance or lubricity and is therefore used in a wide variety of areas. As a rule, finely ground graphite with a fineness of between 2 and 71 µm is required for use in all of these areas.

Using the state-of-the-art grinding and classifying systems, Richard Anton KG is able to produce fine grindings according to customer requirements. Grain-size analyses using laser diffraction ensure the highest quality control.


  • In lubricating greases as “solid additives”
  • In insulating materials for the construction industry
  • As a covering agent for copper melts
  • In the chemical industry
  • In the plastics industry


Advantages of Ranco® Products
  • Excellent lubricity and adhesion
  • Corrosion, water and temperature resistance
  • Reduction of thermal conductivity in insulating materials
  • Acid resistance
  • Electric conductivity


Grain Size

Used in the lubricants industry and for insulating materials and covering materials, special synthetic graphites from Richard Anton KG are produced on high-performance grinding plants in standard fineness ranges of 0-5 my, 0-10 my, 0-20 my, 0-40 my, 0-63 my and 0-71 my and distributed worldwide.

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