Special graphite and specialty cokes for brake pads


Product information

Our synthetic graphites and calcined specialty cokes have almost unique mechanical and thermal properties due to their high purity and ordered crystalline structure. Our products are therefore particularly well suited to improving the performance and comfort of brake pads.



Depending on the design, brake pads contain up to 65 percent metal (e.g., copper, brass, iron), as well as various sulphides, graphite and special cokes, and silicon carbide contained. In addition, they include fibres made of glass, rubber and carbon. Synthetic and natural resins are used as fillers. The interaction of these substances in the matrix gives the brake pad its desired properties.


Advantages of Ranco® Products

Synthetic graphite

  • Unique mechanical and thermal properties due to its ordered crystalline structure, improving both performance and comfort
  • The heat generated by friction is distributed more evenly over the entire surface of the base or dissipates it into the deeper layers of the base. Hotspots on the lining or the brake disc can therefore be prevented and thermally induced surface deformations reduced, leading to a reduction in noise and vibration and thus increasing comfort.
  • Due to its low modulus of elasticity, it has an elasticising effect on the base, which also reduces noise and juddering and lowers wear on the base.


Calcined petroleum coke

  • Increases the coefficient of friction and stabilises it over the entire temperature range.
  • Helps to reduce unwanted fading and increases braking performance.
  • Reduces wear on the brake disc due to the high degree of purity (ash content only 0.2% approx.).
  • Reduces vibration and thus noise, which in turn increases comfort.


Grain Size

In many cases, the grit specifications are developed in close cooperation with the customer. The range extends from ground products to granulated material of up to 2 mm.

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