Finelymilled Graphites

Milled graphites – small grain size, big impact

Special milling methods make it possible


Graphite excels in a number of properties, such as its electrical conductivity, heat stability or use as a lubricant, and is therefore used in a variety of areas. In addition graphite is used in various chemical processes.
All these application areas usually require finely-milled graphites in finenesses between 2 and 71 µm. Richard Anton KG owns state-of-the-art milling and screening equipment and is thus able to produce customized finely-milled grades. Grain-size analyses done with laser diffraction assure top quality control.

Milled graphites in µm size – a “fine” matter …

… 6 µm: approximately the size of a pore in coffee filter paper

… 10 µm: “thickness” of household aluminium foil

… 70 µm: approximately the diameter of a human hair

… 100 µm: the “thickness” of a banknote